UPDATE: Heard about the guy charged with 32 molestation charges?

h/t a reader Also in the video: By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader See one story here: https://hoiabc.com/2020/09/29/grand-jury-indicts-bloomington-man-on-32-child-molestation-charges/?fbclid=IwAR1pafw6ONtSyM0S3A9AEaCVwjNHIz-WtDTzbzwTdWicjYkXtj27D4Oo7SU#.X3R6sTYfjAY.facebook The guys name is Mercedez Byrd, he also had cocaine in his pocket when he was arrested. His Facebook page has numerous videos, in one he is asking for names of people who need bailed out so […]

Before you believe John Butler:

By: Diane Benjamin John Butler and his lawyers have been telling media John didn’t know his employees were stealing concession money. Evidently he’s such a great guy he agreed to a misdemeanor and paid $450,000 in restitution just because. That of course was after spending who knows how many thousands (hundreds of thousands?) on attorneys […]

Tari caught on Hot Mic

By Diane Benjamin h/t a reader City councils are supposedly non-partisan.  We all know they aren’t.  Everybody needs to quit pretending many of the local elected aren’t playing party politics instead of what is best for it’s citizens. Bloomington’s mayor Tari Renner proves that point.  I wonder if he is teaching this crap to his […]

Renner: Emergency voids the Constitution

by:  Diane Benjamin h/t a reader Remember back in 2017 when elected Council members in Bloomington were sworn in using an oath that didn’t mention the Constitution?    https://blnnews.com/2017/12/07/illegal-oath-of-office/ After I pointed that out they were sworn in again using the legal oath.  I was told at the time somebody just pulled an old oath […]

Who is lying?

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday Tari Renner participated in a video conference led by the Peoria’s mayor.  There were MANY other mayors on the call, Chris Koos was not one of them. Below is a clip of just Renner.  He starts by thanking Mayor Ardis for his leadership, he asks a question, then expresses his appreciation […]

Bloomington continues to ignore law

By:  Diane Benjamin Pritzker has no power to shut down businesses.  Neither does Renner or Koos.  Local governments are graveling at Pritzker’s feet instead protecting your rights.  They are probably afraid of losing State grants.  Not living within your means makes them captive to the overlord Pritzker, Has anybody read the Illinois Constitution?  Where does […]

Local radicals not letting a good crisis go to waste!

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night – Note who was the featured guest: If you want to see the demands:  https://docs.google.com/document/ Radicals always want to grow government using your money.  Maybe Tari can fill citizens in at tonight’s rescheduled meeting.  I wonder if he made it clear some of their demands are illegal. The radicals aren’t […]

Bloomington to citizens: Pay for it

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember around a decade ago when taxes you already paid funded garbage service?  The City of Bloomington put trash in an enterprise fund and gradually raised your fees to cover the cost.  All the taxes you used to pay for garbage have been swallowed by the bureaucracy. Meanwhile the Coliseum is an […]

Fact Checking Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin At last Monday’s meeting Mayor Tari Renner mentioned for the thousandth time the City of Bloomington is down 100 employees.  He claims they are doing more with fewer employees. He never mentions that possibly Bloomington at one time had too many employees and couldn’t afford them! I compiled the below from what […]

This one is for Tari – EC Watchdogs score justice again!

By:  Diane Benjamin Since Tari Renner thinks “bloggers” lie and their findings should therefore be ignored, this story is for him.  The rest of you sick of elected/appointed officials who scam the system will enjoy it too. The criminal conduct found by the Edgar County Watchdogs was reported by a local CBS affiliate.  Both John […]

Streator: Your leaders are getting advice from Bloomington’s Mayor!

By:  Diane Benjamin (living rent free in Tari’s head) https://www.mywebtimes.com/2019/10/30/streators-strengths-weaknesses-analyzed-in-study-session/auiei0m/ Quotes: Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner spoke to Streator officials about the city’s future Tuesday night during a planning session for the City Council and its six department heads. Renner said he is blown away by the city’s sense of volunteerism and couldn’t believe the efforts […]

Liquor Commission Facts

By:  Diane Benjamin This is the Liquor Commission in Normal:  https://normal.org/399/Liquor-Commission The entire Town Council in Normal is the Liquor Commission. Bloomington used to have a Liquor Commission made up of appointed citizens, if I remember right there were 7 members including the mayor. This is the Liquor Commission now: Link to the Liquor Commission […]

Redacted emails – WMDB

By:  Diane Benjamin If you listened to Tari Renner’s WJBC interview yesterday, you heard him mention “real journalists” not following up on what bloggers report.  WMDB TV was at the council meeting when both Kirk Allen and I spoke. Yesterday:  https://blnnews.com/2019/10/16/tari-on-wjbc-3/ See these redacted emails received by FOIA.  What is Nora telling the POLICE CHIEF  concerning […]


By:  Diane Benjamin Ol’ Mayor Renner called “bloggers” liars this morning on the Scott Miller show.  So far I haven’t been able to find a podcast.  If somebody sees it please let me know! This link was posted in the comments:  https://post.futurimedia.com/wjbcam/playlist/2/listen-233.html?cb=1571239016.737804 Tari also complained about negative reporting by bloggers.  I thought I would do […]

Need any more proof than this?

By:  Diane Benjamin This email was included in the latest FOIA from the City of Bloomington.  I didn’t have to redact any names, the City did it.  Names can’t legally be redacted, only personal information (like email addresses) can be.  I guess this couple won’t get any calls for jobs since nobody knows who they […]

Columbus Day haters are missing the entire point of the holiday

https://nypost.com/2019/10/12/columbus-day-haters-are-missing-the-entire-point-of-the-holiday Excerpts: Some 60 cities and states have stopped celebrating Columbus Day, in many cases replacing it with Indigenous Peoples Day. There’s no doubt Columbus — and the conquistadors who followed — enslaved and slaughtered on a mass scale. But Columbus didn’t bring cruelty to peaceful, benign peoples. The indigenous people were also cruel to […]

Captain America Strikes Again!

By:  Diane Benjamin I drove by the Creativity Center on my way to the Bloomington Council meeting last night.  The signs on the north side of the building are no longer there!  City Manager Tim Gleason has not responded to my email.  Evidently removing the signs is his response:    https://blnnews.com/2019/09/19/remember-the-signs-at-the-creativity-center/ If you watch City […]

This explains the Divide in America

By:  Diane Benjamin This story should explain why Tari Renner despises Clarence Thomas.  https://blnnews.com/2019/05/25/tari-renner-clarence-thomas-doesnt-act-afro-american/ Thomas is black and successful.  Clarence proves being born poor and black in America does not mean you are doomed for life.  The same applies to Ben Carson and many other minorities who are living the American Dream because they worked […]

The upcoming IML conference

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve written about the Illinois Municipal league numerous times.  If you don’t know much about them, start with this story from 2016:  https://blnnews.com/2016/03/29/the-iml-scam/ IML is holding their  annual conference in Chicago in September.  Many local people will be attending at a cost of at least $310 each.  From Bloomington, Tari Renner, Julie […]

Two things people have mentioned

By:  Diane Benjamin Follow-up:  https://blnnews.com/2019/07/12/jose-rodriguez-is-back-in-jail/ Jose Rodriguez was bailed out of jail again after his bond was reduced.  He was taken into custody by ICE agents.  I am trying to determine what happens next and if he will face prosecution here.  To be continued . . . Several people have noticed Tari isn’t living in […]

Flashback: May 11, 2016 Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin WJBC has reported Tari Renner wants to end the moratorium on new video gaming  machines: http://www.wjbc.com/2019/07/29/renner-sides-with-businesses-seeking-to-end-bloomingtons-video-gaming-freeze/ I remember when the moratorium was put in place, Tari was outraged that $50 million a year went into the machines.  It sounds like he changed his mind. Back in 2016 Tari was on WJBC talking […]

TWO State Farm Lawyers on Council

By:  Diane Benjamin Interfering in the private sector is what local government does best.  Evidently Jenn thinks she can save the State Farm building: Meanwhile other buildings in downtown have been sitting empty for years.  The CII East building is an eyesore Jenn evidently isn’t working on.  The Front and Center building is boarded up.  […]

Koos Hypocrisy Abounds

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal Mayor Chris Koos posted this on Facebook: http://honolulu2019.com/climate/ Tari must not have been invited.  He is going to the US Conference of Mayors that starts to tomorrow in Honolulu:  https://blnnews.com/2019/04/18/off-to-hawaii/ One would think true believers, like Koos, who think we are destroying the world with carbon emissions would: Not fly to […]

How can Emig lead MCLP?

By:  Diane Benjamin According to the paper, Alderman Julie Emig has been named Executive Director of the Multicultural Leadership Program.    https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/mclp-names-emig-as-executive-director/article_f62cf167-1366-568a-8882-b239c781b9cf.html She sits one person away from the racists mayor and says nothing.  Don’t forget, Not In Our Town hasn’t said a word either. According to the article:   “A program designed to develop leaders […]

Tari’s Racist comment isn’t going away

Link to WEEK TV story: https://week.com/news/bloomington-normal-news/2019/06/24/black-chamber-of-commerce-member-addressed-bloomington-mayors-racial-comments-at-council-meeting/   By:  Diane Benjamin Public Comment during the Bloomington City Council meeting featured two speakers from outside of Bloomington who felt they had to travel area to confront the mayor.  The first guy was Cornel Darden representing the South Suburban Region Black Chamber of Commerce.  Hear his comments at […]

Bloomington tonight: Proof Socialism fails

By:  Diane Benjamin http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=21959 Tari Renner’s list of proclamations will take longer than the business portion of the meeting. Public Comment will be interesting because Citizens to Ensure Fair Transit will be back.  The Connect Transit budget is scheduled to take effect on July 1st with both towns having oversight.  It has yet to be […]

Tari Renner: Clarence Thomas doesn’t act Afro-American

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari did show up at his Open House last night.  He was surrounded by people who wanted their voices heard on the Connect Transit Board.  The conversation turned to “diversity”. Diversity in Tari’s world is people of all skin colors who agree with everything he thinks.  Diversity of thought isn’t allowed. Tari’s […]