By:  Diane Benjamin

Ol’ Mayor Renner called “bloggers” liars this morning on the Scott Miller show.  So far I haven’t been able to find a podcast.  If somebody sees it please let me know!

This link was posted in the comments:  https://post.futurimedia.com/wjbcam/playlist/2/listen-233.html?cb=1571239016.737804

Tari also complained about negative reporting by bloggers.  I thought I would do Tari a favor and post the arena report showing a profit from this show:


Tony’s Tacos had a large crowd, so the concert should have had good ticket sales.

Even though the contract requires VenuWorks to make reports public within 10 days, the City website has NOTHING:    https://www.cityblm.org/government/advanced-components/documents/-folder-1694

event reports 2019

PDF page 17:  https://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=10901

10 days event

Tari, I’d love to post some good news.  I guess I could say the three September hockey games showed a profit.  It’s pretty hard to loss money when the rent is $2000 each and the crowds are tiny.

(all three made less that $2000 each)

Is this a lie Tari?

CIAM 2.0 Tari?



12 thoughts on “UPDATE: Tari on WJBC

  1. Tari is the best mayor ever but be aware,,,I am a blogger and therefore I am a liar, according to Tari. (But he’s right ya know because in reality Tari is the worst mayor ever!)

  2. Tari. You are pathetic. Unlike you a lot of information here is DOCUMENTED. Unlike you and your people who hide behind redacted FIOA requests. Or backroom dealings to forgive you and others of your actions where a common citizen would be held accountable. Finally you call bloggers liars….well then document and prove it!!! I am waiting, until then I hold my right to feel you are nothing but a self serving pompous jerk.

  3. Perhaps bloggers would not be necessary if there was a real fourth estate locally. Sites like this one are a necessity when “professionally trained journalists” (Mayor Miami’s words) are sleeping on the job. Case in point, instead of investing the real progress of Rivian, the Pantagraph decides to partner with them to do a promotional video. An obvious question during the Sunday public relations event is why attendees couldn’t touch or sit in vehicles to check out the quality for themselves. No need to rope off the vehicles if all your secrets are out. Looks like all the white collar office and design jobs are going to Michigan. What do you say Tari?

  4. Calling you,and lets face it we all know to whom King Tari is pointing his finger at, a liar publically is just so typical of Tari . Mr. I’m a mature adult is like a child pointing his finger (which is against the law now) and yelling liar liar pants on fire. Just goes to prove Tari is not fit for the office of Mayor. His speed is more like kindergarten student. One thing, you know when king tari goes on radio and starts yelling liar , you’ve hit the truth.

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