Surprise, surprise – event report posted

By:  Diane Benjamin

Update to this story from yesterday:

Usually when there is good news people like to report it quickly.  The Luke Combs concert profit is good news, why it wasn’t posted as required by the arena contract is a mystery.

luke combs

Country music concerts always do well.  If VenuWorks had self-promoted this event they could have made considerably more.  I wonder if the City won’t let them self-promote?  It is riskier, but country music has proven itself to be a sure money maker.


2 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise – event report posted

  1. A guess: the “co-promoter” was a big reason they were able to get Combs. I wouldn’t be surprised if promoters see how poor of shape Coliseum operations are as a whole and know they will jump at these opportunities to have profitable events, even if the co-promoter makes a mint..

    VenuWorks has to be praying they get more of these deals in the pipeline because it’s going to be their only way to lose less money with sports teams gone. It would be nice to get at least one of these concerts arranged every-other month. Start with that, 6 potential sellouts a year – and go from there.

    I’m shocked the comp tickets were not higher. Some of these events have a very large percentage as comp tickets.

  2. Or another possibility…..Taken as a whole, there is often a hard Leftist “tilt” to many of the acts that get booked into the Judydome and BCPA. Believe that is absolutely intentional. Maybe country music acts are perceived as too traditional, too “Red Blooded American” to be scheduled by the clearly elitist Radicals in charge of picking shows.

    Profit is a dirty word to them anyway, right?

    Now deviant, naked magicians and foulmouthed, Communist poets…..that’s a whole different story, Comrades!.

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