Did you know Bloomington has a senior center?

By:  Diane Benjamin

This one must be a secret, it also must not get funding.

Received by FOIA – one of the few emails I received that weren’t totally redacted.  I redacted the name:

pool senior center

I’m sure Tari will get to this eventually, it’s only been a year.

3 thoughts on “Did you know Bloomington has a senior center?

  1. Must not serve the needs of Down Town Business owners. This space used to be used on Saturday’s from 1-4 pm for grade school kids at $2.00 a head about 35 years ago. It’s a very dark space and the pool tables were bad then. They often had arts and crafts, penny carnivals, and game days. One guy always oversaw it. The Miller Park Pavilion is a great community building. I wonder why the City didn’t use it for the Art Center, there is rarely anyone there. I have fond memories of going there on Saturday’s with my sister. It was a good deal and everyone was welcome.

  2. Conversely, the Town of Normal built a megaplex senior center know as ARC. I’m told they overbid a group of well-heeled private citizens that wanted to build a modest sports center for their kiddos. I was told that the Town bid twice the price the other potential buyers offered, effectively removing them from the bidding process. ARC is another example of how the “build it and they will come” strategy doesn’t work. That said, I’m worried Tari will turn these genuine and reasonable inquiries into a massive capital intensive vanity project.

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