Kirk Allen Back for Public Comment

By:  Diane Benjamin

Kirk Allen of Edgar County Watchdogs was back before the Bloomington City Council again.  We will find out what happened to Officer Squires before he resigned.

Kirk spelled out in his comment why the citizens need to know what happened.  Squires was suspended before he resigned.  Kirk read the applicable emails we received under FOIA.  Obviously something happened to relieve him of all police powers before he resigned.  The emails sound far from merely a personnel issue!

I filmed Kirk from the back.  A few years ago a public comment he made just disappeared from the city video.  My video has the mayors reaction, the City version doesn’t.

Kirk asked the Mayor to resign for lying to the media, of course Tari is too arrogant.   See this story covering the lies:

Kirk went over three minutes, Jenn woke Tari up to stop Kirk.  You may want to watch this full screen to see the reaction of the Tari and the council.







10 thoughts on “Kirk Allen Back for Public Comment

  1. EXCELLENT work Kirk Allen. Thank you for your perseverance. We look forward to finding out the truth.

  2. Tari just got it handed to him. A shizz burger that is Will it appear or be heard in other media? Doubtful…,.
    But if someone steps to the plate to run against this lying jerk of a mayor it will provide great video for a commercial. This about his lies, a video of his racism on justice Thomas, maybe a clip about being warned about the Coliseum fiasco as well. Just some great work, this is the type of journalism that should win awards not the lame crap we see on TV, radio and the Pantygraph.

  3. Any word from the police civilian review board? Wonder if they were told to stand down by Tari and City Hall. Seems the board only wants accountability if they can score political points with the far left.

  4. Tari resign because he lied? Yeah right! Tari hasnt told the truth since he put his hand on the Bible lo these many years ago! Why should he start now?

  5. Gee for your all claims of being crack journalist you’re certainly falling down on the job. A cursory investigation of Kurt Squire would reveal that he has two arrests to his name in North Carolina in the early 2000’s. I guess you’re so busy filing FOIA claims and spinning conspiracies, you don’t have the time to gather actual facts. The fact that he had arrests in his past and didn’t disclose more than probably lead to his firing. I would think any arrests or legal trouble would lead to termination of a police officer. So in the end, it’s a personnel matter.

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