BCPA: One event posted, it lost money

By:  Diane Benjamin

Evidently I have to file a FOIA to get event reports posted.  They will be posted and then my FOIA will be denied because they are posted.  I wonder if they would ever be posted without a FOIA?

So far only one report from a month ago is available:  https://www.cityblm.org/government/advanced-components/documents/-folder-1784

This looks like a two day event – ticket sales were a whooping $760.40.

bcpa 1st report


6 thoughts on “BCPA: One event posted, it lost money

  1. I was at an event at the BCPA last night that was sold out. I’m guessing that one will get posted right away since it was good news.

    1. You neglected to mention that in the aggregate, the BCPA loses hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars annually.

  2. I am confused OK if they made a profit but overall in the course of the year how much did they lose? Unless the entire year shows a profit and overs all expenses its still a losing proposition, losses funded by taxpayers ( and based on population that’s a pretty small group of people enjoying the fruits of entertainment at other peoples expense).

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