Need any more proof than this?

By:  Diane Benjamin

This email was included in the latest FOIA from the City of Bloomington.  I didn’t have to redact any names, the City did it.  Names can’t legally be redacted, only personal information (like email addresses) can be.  I guess this couple won’t get any calls for jobs since nobody knows who they are.

As I’ve explained before, people don’t care about Quality of Life if they can’t find a job.

no jobs



17 thoughts on “Need any more proof than this?

  1. Sad…. but unfortunately this is reality. Yes it’s about opportunities and money not any quality of life BS. The socialist elites on the inside here with their fat paychecks and fancy homes have no idea what it is like for everyone “not connected” and “not in” secure employment situations.

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  2. More proof that the claim of a local elitist clique is no fairy tale. For more useful information, see likely candidates in next county auditor election. If she wins, you lose. If he wins, you still lose. The clique has all their bases covered.


  3. Interesting. While nepotism is alive and everywhere, Bloomington-Normal seems to be in a league all its own. It’s a small town for sure. If you’re going to work for a local business you better drink the Koolaid. That means kissing the fanny of the establishment players, agreeing with and towing the big government/crony line, and being in the inner circle. The Chamber is notorious for its high school-ish cliques, excluding newcomers until they “pay their dues,” while mid-sized and larger companies like to hire those with influence in local politics. What this letter proves is people don’t successfully move to a community then find a job, but rather people follow jobs. So, yippie for the BCPA and its arts and culture, but people aren’t going to successfully relocate here because of quality of life. Rather, quality of life should be a natural byproduct of those that live within the community. The trouble with Bloomington is that quality of life is dictated by and through government with the influence of a handful of connected people.

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      1. Yup. There are some extremely diligent, articulate, and well-respected businessmen and women that despise Koos and Renner, but keep their mouths shut because retaliation is real and happens in response to even the most trivial disagreement or questioning of our dear leaders. Mark Peterson was legendary as Koos’ enforcer. The walls have ears, and both city governments have spies almost everywhere. Wonder if the letter writer was heard saying something less than favorable about his majesties. So sad. Pretty soon, Bloomington-Normal will have two big castles and no villagers to support the kingdom and the kings’ lavish spending.

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      2. Scary–and so organically UnAmerican–that citizens have to fear their government, particularly at a local level. And truly, in thought, deed and spirit, Tari Renner is a “torturer”, just like his hero, Che.


  4. First of all, I’m stunned that this couple would write to tari renner, of all people, to complain about not finding employment. He could not care less. Also, generally, people find a job AND THEN MOVE THERE. I can’t imagine moving to a town and having no job lined up with at least one spouse. I do agree that for many jobs, you have to be connected in order to get a job. Especially for “government” jobs or low level “university” jobs, the only requirement is that you came to town to be a community activist and you need “employment” to pay the rent. Anyway, these two should sell their house and move out of state. That would be their best bet.

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    1. I was thinking the same thing – who moves to a new community without a job?? Much less buy a home without a job. People often think their skill sets are awesome and who wouldn’t want them! I’ve seen more than one applicant who think they are a shoo in because of this. It’s tough to get a job whether you know someone or not. Employers take a risk in hiring someone. It’s risky to hire a friend of a friend because if they don’t work out, then firing them is tricky, So knowing someone may get you in the door but it’s not guaranteed (not counting govt!).


  5. my sister was a SF employee until they laid her off. That was four months ago. Still no job. She has the skills data processing,types 200 a min plus . and she is a VETERAN but my guess is she is too white to be hired. I wonder if she would have better luck in finding a job if she told them she is here illegally? Our great great grandmother was Native American maybe that would help. If not,I may suggest that she email king tari and see if he can get her a job.


    1. This is exactly why people are leaving the area. There a no opportunities beyond a very few employers. Once you are out, you are out of luck. You either settle for a lower wage job or you have to move. There is no other option. It’s a big club and once you are out you are not getting back in.


      1. Agreed. The community is overly dependant upon a small handful of entities/employers (State Farm, ISU, and maybe Country Financial in a distant third). They employ directly and indirectly an inordinate amount of people, while the community lives and dies by the success of this small handful of entities. The remaining small and mid-sized companies are indeed largely a members-only club.


  6. Who needs a job? If the majority of local politicians have things go their way in the upcoming elections we will all have free healthcare, free public transportation, free education, free rent, and free food…these are basic human rights? Right? I do wonder who is going to pay for all this free stuff. Wonder what the availability of these basic human rights will look like when everything is free.


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