Streator: Your leaders are getting advice from Bloomington’s Mayor!

By:  Diane Benjamin (living rent free in Tari’s head)


Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner spoke to Streator officials about the city’s future Tuesday night during a planning session for the City Council and its six department heads.

Renner said he is blown away by the city’s sense of volunteerism and couldn’t believe the efforts the Fourth of July Committee and Light Up Streator, among others, to create events and improve their city.

“I’m amazed with all of the events that happen in Streator,” Plyman said. “The YMCA, Light Up Streator, Jammin’ at the Clock, Walldogs, the tourism stuff here is amazing. We couldn’t even attempt to undertake these projects with city staff.”

Nobody wants government doing amazing stuff – we’ve already seen your amazing stuff:  Coliseum, BCPA, Creativity Center, rotten roads.

Renner went to Streator to “coach” their Council members.  I wonder if Streator knows the budget and taxes have exploded since Renner became mayor.

Is that what you want Streator?

Streator’s population is 13,196, but Tari told them they need their own Nora Dukowitz to handle communications.  Why?

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Citizens of Streator:  If you want to be able to afford your small town tell your Council Renner has caused enough damage in Bloomington.  Don’t let his Marxist policies destroy you too.


5 thoughts on “Streator: Your leaders are getting advice from Bloomington’s Mayor!

  1. It’s the Marxist playbook……destroy things at home, then export the “revolution”.

    Gotta give the little twit credit, Tari is a very dedicated and, so far, very effective Marxist (Communist).

  2. Streator is FINE just the way it is. IF they choose to listen to Terrible Tari, I WILL quit going to events there with my friends. Look what HALES did to Joliet, Hit and RUN!! Just like a bully..

  3. Streator must not know Tari’s terrible behavior as mayor. His censure and talking down to council members and smearing citizens is shameful. He’s no role model.

  4. Sounds like King Renner wants to rule the entire state of Illinois. Tari giving advice to other cities is like an arsonist running the fire department! BAD IDEA! By all means Streater,listen to Tari then do the opposite!

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