Bloomington Featured Nationally

By:  Diane Benjamin

A national magazine for Municipalities features Bloomington in their just released November publication.  This is a link to the entire edition:

The Bloomington merger of the water and public works departments is covered on PDF pages 32-34.  Successful Merger

According to the article, Bloomington is saving $250,000 per year by not replacing employees under the consolidation.

That means the 3% increase in garbage rates every year without a vote should be cancelled.  How much was saved by only picking up bulk waste twice a year?  Where is the savings from automated pickup?

(Hint:  It won’t be cancelled)

Jim Karch is featured in the article.  There are pics of a road torn up for sewer repairs.  Another pic on page 34 has Karch and some City employees.

Nice press for Bloomington, even if savings never mean a decrease in taxes.  That wasn’t covered in the article.

The Council should at least be forced to vote on their yearly theft.  Automatic increases should be banned.  






8 thoughts on “Bloomington Featured Nationally

  1. “Nice press for Bloomington”??????

    Why in the world is there ANYTHING in Bloomington in the last 15 years that deserves “nice press”?

  2. The article writer has obviously never been to Bloomington. He’d have noticed the aweful city roads. All that money “saved” isn’t going to fix them. Shameful.

  3. Karch has become another politician. I have caught him lying to my face twice now. He’s in the spin business. Showing up in WJBC spinning and reaping the rewards. When the men and women that work with you don’t respect you and think you are dirty you probably are.

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