Tari and Water – part 1

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since Mayor Renner’s house flood so severely he had to move out, I wanted to see the water bills.

I FOIA’d the water bills for his address from April 2019 through November 2019.  The water break occurred when Tari was at the US conference of Mayors in Hawaii at the end of June and the beginning of July.

The bills are in the name of the live-in girlfriend, not Tari.

Since I’ve never received water bills (the joys of living in the country!) I learned a few things.  People with a lawn irrigation system can opt to have two water meters.  That way they aren’t paying sewer, storm water, and water reclamation fees for watering the grass.

FYI:  Something else we don’t do in the country is water grass.

The bills below are for  the irrigation system at Tari’s house.

Note the beginning balance for the July bill is past dueAlso note no penalties were charged for being past due.  Is that how your bill works?

$8.30 is the minimum charge per month for using no water – just having a meter.  A citizen in Normal with the same type system said they aren’t charged a minimum, they only pay for water used.








Part 2 – regular water bills next

See:  https://blnnews.com/2019/12/01/tari-and-water-part-2/


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