Normal DOESN’T want to see YOU!

By:  Diane Benjamin

When Chemberly Cummings held her poorly attended Daring Diversity Summit the Town of Normal created an entire web page to it, now they are advertising for 2020:

The Town had numerous Facebook posts in September for the October 3rd event.  The Pantagraph even did an article quoting some council members and staff.

What have they done for the Citizens Summit?





It isn’t even on the Town calendar.  Maybe somebody will mention it at Monday’s meeting when they think people aren’t paying attention.

The Town of Normal does not want to hear from citizens.

They are afraid of what you will say, maybe something like Needs Before Wants!

Normal taxpayers don’t need to wait until the next election to change priorities.  Normal didn’t get the message when Chris Koos was barely re-elected.  Normal didn’t get the message when Stan Nord and Karyn Smith were elected.

Use Your Voice Normal:

priorities meeting


10 thoughts on “Normal DOESN’T want to see YOU!

  1. HOW can one help DEFINE “uptowns” priorities when even THEY don’t know what they want?? Except diversity/division… And Rivian electric cars in every garage in uptown-HAHAHA!

  2. Diversity is code for divide and subdue which has been the strategy of the Democratic Party since the end of slavery. Unlike Chemberly Cummings who is comfortable on the Democratic plantation, Candace Owens has decided to leave and take millions of black people with her:

    Trump Approval Among Blacks Tops 34 Percent in Emerson Poll

  3. If the Pantagraph pop up you saw resembled my Facebook post then that was not created nor paid for by the Town of Normal. It was created and paid for by a taxpayer and resident of Normal who believes public involvement in an open and transparent local government is good for our community.

    You must go to these public meetings for your voice/opinion to be ”officially” recognized.

    * I am writing this as and individual. I am not speaking on behalf of the Normal Council.

  4. Anybody read the Pantycrap front page story about Rivian today? According to Koos it’s a great success. But first he had to overcome the negativity of local bloggers:

    “The mood was yeah, we don’t believe this was going to happen,” Koos said, a sentiment spurred by negative blog posts regarding Rivian that spread like fire through the community.

    Keep it up Diane. You’re obviously getting to him.

      1. Something stinks over at Rivian. Some old Mittsu plant rats claim there’s nothing really set up inside for production. Lots of high profile investors cutting checks, but nothing going on (at least in Normal). Hope is not a strategy. Koos is trying to use the Rivian deal as evidence that he can be trusted with the underpass and Uptown 2.0, and that those opposing it will be proven wrong. Sadly, Koos is blissfully unaware that history is not going to judge him too kindly.

    1. My sources (x-Mitsubishi 27 year veterans and friends) tell me the plant is empty. They have scrapped the entire paint pre-treat area which means they have NO way of painting vehicle bodies. They also scrapped the entire automated high rise rack stamping storage area which means they have no way of removing stamping racks and storing them (except by manually removing them with dozens of forklifts). Both of these items resulted in a large amount of scrap steel.

      From the beginning, I thought they were going to scrap the plant from the inside out. This is what they appear to be doing.

      For those who know nothing about car manufacturing (this is for you too, Fuhrer Koos) – watch this and tell me how you make cars/trucks/SUVs/Delivery Vans in an empty plant?

      Toyota Production Documentary – Toyota Manufacturing Production and Assembly at Toyota Factory

      1. I think you’ve caught onto their game. Just because Amazon, and other investors have given them tons of money does not mean that anything is going to get manufactured here in Normal. All it means is that they know how to bilk people for money. The question remains can the deliver on their promises. Just because they plan to hire 1,000 people once things go into production does not mean those people will be hired in Normal, let alone work here in Normal. This company has a long standing history of taking people’s money and then leaving them high and dry. I hope Koos is right, but so far all I’ve seen is a bunch of hype.

        1. The will be manufacturing skateboards. Maybe they don’t need assembly lines to do that. I did see a story claiming vehicles will be built in Normal – that was the first time I’ve seen that in print, they do have other plants.

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