Tari isn’t running again for mayor

Below is Tari’s announcement on the City of Bloomington website. Announcing a political decision on a taxpayer owned website?

Renner forgot a few facts about his tenure as Mayor. The total budget when he took office was $167,000,000. https://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=2014

The total budget now is $230,320,572. https://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=24730

That is $63,320,572 spent by government instead of the people who earned it.

How are the roads folks?

If COVID is over by April, expect a big party paid for by you.


16 thoughts on “Tari isn’t running again for mayor

  1. “[award-winning comprehensive plan]”, from who, a bunch of paid fluffers, consultants, and backslappers?

  2. I will believe it when I see it! (I know of another mayor “near” Bloomington/Normal who said they were not running again, but they did run again)

    Those budget numbers are terrible – how can I get a “refund” from Renner and Gleason?

  3. First, Mayor Miami Mini-Me’s “list of accomplishments” as mayor is beyond hilarious. The ” infrastructure improvement and economic development” mayor? Consider the following as possible real reasons. Pick as many as you like: 1. Already promised his position to one of the current radicals already on the council, 2. Heard rumors of possible challengers and his ego could not handle getting his arse kicked, 3. Durbin has told him he will be part of the Biden Administration in some manner, 4. Durbin thinks he is going to get a Cabinet position and will appoint Tari to fill out the remainder of his new term, 5. IWU has already told him they are downsizing the Poli Science Dept. and he needs to find a new job, 6. His new house is already losing its value, 7. Knows BN will continue to be a political and economic disaster and needs to save what little face he has left., 8. Needs to devote more time in turning out more political radicals amongst the woke children at IWU and ISU, 9. Leadership role in the state Democratic Party, or , 10. Will become Pritzker’s state COVID Czar at the beginning of 2021.

  4. “…and encouraged more citizens to get involved by serving on boards and commissions…” This, and the employment of people in unnecessary Bloomington government jobs, for which they need very little if any experience or qualifications, compromises the local ‘Deep State.’ Unaccountable people making decisions and doing things we know nothing about. What Bloomington resident can name any of these boards and commissions, much less what they do? What they have effectively done (just like the federal government) is grown the size of government away from the mayor and city council. The spot light of accountability is on the mayor and council. What accountability is there with any of these other people? Do they video record their meetings, record minutes, file reports? Are their activities subject to FOIA? They basically operate under the radar.

  5. Any clue if him and S. Black are getting married?

    Buh bye bye loser(s)!

    Antifa might be looking for a public relations person. He has experience working with looters.

  6. I’m not holding my breath, but this would sure be a GREAT Christmas present, and even better IF he took ALL the staff/council with him.
    I’ll sure miss his midnight rants, Pcard lunches, bad ideals, and just plain arrogant attitude.
    And the Demonrats complain about Trump!

  7. I’m sure Tari and the local liberal elitist machine have a hand-selected replacement waiting in the wings to be propped up by GLT, the Slantagraph, and the Chamber of Crony Commerce. I want to say it can’t get any worse than Tari, but then I look over at some recent additions to the City Council and begin to think otherwise.

  8. Go watch the video in the Pantagraph just recently posted. Tari gives his “reasons” for not seeking a second term. Draw your own conclusions. I have drawn mine.

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