Obama Losing The Muslim War Against The Constitution

By CHQ Staff | 9/21/12

Americans are uniquely unqualified to be engaged in a religious war. The very idea of a religious war goes against our history as a sanctuary for the religiously oppressed – the Pilgrims coming to New England and Catholics coming to Maryland to find religious freedom.

But make no mistake, religious freedom and freedom of speech are under concerted attack — not just by radical Islamists, but by mainstream leaders in the Muslim world.

Opposition to religious freedom and freedom of speech is becoming a worldwide movement among Muslims. It is not just limited to a few Islamist radicals out on the fringes of society who use alleged insults to their faith to inflame passion in their followers and recruit new jihadis.







As AP writers Hamza Hendawi and Lara Jakes noted recently, “…even the voices of moderation on the issue [of freedom of speech] are in agreement with the militants that the film [The Innocence of Muslims], the latest French cartoons demeaning Muhammad and the Danish caricatures before them cannot be tolerated as freedom of speech.”

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