Representative Government?

The County ballot for the November 6th, 2012 election has been released.  There are 24 races on the ballot, most will have less depending on where you live.  Of the 24 races, 7 have a choice of who to vote for.

REAPEAT:  17 of the races give you NO choice of who to vote for.

Bill Brady – unopposed Illinois Senate

Chapin Rose – unopposed Illinois Senate

Jason Barickman – unopposed Illinois Senate

Bill Mitchell – unopposed Illinois House

Dan Brady – unopposed  Illinois House

Keith Sommer – unopposed Illinois House

Repeating more of the same and expecting different results is a citizenry un-involved and un-informed.

Illinois’s credit rating has been reduced again, close to junk bond status.  Unemployment in Illinois continues to rise.  Home values continue to decline.  The Public Sector Unions employees actually believe they are going to get what was promised to them – even if it was just to get votes.

But, we keep sending the same people back to Springfield election after election.  Jason Barickman is relatively new, but is he any different than the rest?  Is he going to vote to continue the failed leadership of Christine Radogno as GOP leader in the Senate?

Illinois, McLean County, and our kids DESERVE BETTER!  Let’s send a message:

Any race with only 1 candidate listed – DON’T VOTE.  Leave the race blank.

Some County Board races have “Vote for 2”.  If only 2 are listed – leave that race blank.

Not only have we lost representative government, we are being ruled by a political class that no longer fears the people. They have jobs for life.

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty.

When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. 

Thomas Jefferson

Citizens:  We have arrived at tyranny!


My suggestion to not vote for uncontested races was for House, Senate and County Board races.  These are the people who make laws and pass regulations to control WE THE PEOPLE.  Any citizen with common sense is capable of doing these jobs, but politicians are good at making us think the issues are too complicated for anybody but them.  Tyranny – absolutely!  If the issues are complicated it’s because they created the complicated situations – ie: unfunded pensions.

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