Fly On the Wall

I hear all – see all

When buzzing in my ear is too great to ignore – I must report!

The RICH do fare better in Bloomington than us commoners! Have a problem with traffic on East Washington, (eek they are too close and going to fast by  my house) – just call city hall!  Stockton and Hales will HIRE special consultants just for you!

Never mind that the city already has the necessary equipment to evaluate the situation themselves.

I guess your tax dollars are being used to spread the wealth, or keep the wealthy paying in.  Either way, what a waste!

2 thoughts on “Fly On the Wall

  1. The Fly is becoming a letdown. I had high hopes for The Fly to shed light on people and events that are not currently discussed in The Pantagraph or other ‘mainstream’ local media. The Fly buzzes alot, but no names, offices or juicy bits are ever actually brought into the open. The Fly’s credibility is starting to fall in my book. I have waited and hoped for something revealing – but all we ever get are hints and ‘coming soon’ type hype. Let us hope The Fly starts putting it out there SOON !

    1. Think Hardwick, Hartwik – something like that. Send a Freedom of Information Act request to the city – it’s either a lawyer or doctor. Sorry, my wings kept me from hearing all the details!

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