Ass. Chief Bob Wall – what the Pantagraph refused to print

Pantagraph reader Charles Nicholson tried to post this comment to the story written today – in fact, on the front page:

Bob Wall is a man of honor and has been an exceptional police officer in our city for many years. He has worked hard to fight crime and help our city in many ways. He has worked his way up in our Police Department to become one of our Ass. Chiefs and we need to stand by him. I am shocked at these vultures that want to attack and destroy Bob and just throw him under the bus. He reported the accident? He voluntarily took the breathalyzer test? He “voluntarily” reported something that they would not have known about otherwise. It sure doesn’t sound to me that he was hiding anything. He could of set there and backed up traffic. “IF” he had been under the influence he would not of reported the incident at all because no one would of noticed. So this is another reason why BOB was not impaired. The average motorist probably would not of even reported it. In fact if Bob was an average citizens many of you vulture bloggers would be yelling police brutality! Shame on the Pantagraph for putting this on the front page to demonize one of our cities finest!!!

According to Charles, the Pantagraph wouldn’t post the comment because of profanity!  See any?

The Pantagraph actually thought Ass. Chief – was profanity.  They did finally print it when Charles changed it to Asst. Chief.   Further comment is warranted, but probably unnecessary!

3 thoughts on “Ass. Chief Bob Wall – what the Pantagraph refused to print

  1. Seriously? He’s a police office. He has to know when involved in an accident, one doesn’t leave the scene.

    1. Too many unanswered questions. Was it his personal car or a city vehicle? He was the only car involved – exactly why did he have to stay there – especially if there wasn’t much damage? How long after the accident did he report it? Don’t jump to conclusions when the facts aren’t on the table.

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