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I want to tell a story about two women, but first? Let me ask you this and I want you to really think about it for a second. What is the world’s best chance for peace and prosperity? Is it, in fact, America?

Is America the solution to the political and economic instability that plagues this planet or is the answer more complex than that? Because I think it is more complex. In strictly physical terms, America is nothing more than a cluster of coordinates on a map that represents one of many artificially produced borders that make up a collection of sovereign nations. So the mere existence of this plot of land does not in and of itself secure global prosperity. The eco-territory known as the United States is not vastly different from the regions of Mexico or Canada and yet these three countries have produced sometimes hugely different outcomes for the people who live in those nations. America is just a plot of land, and, by that delineation, it is not the world’s best chance for peace and prosperity.

But Americanism is…

…because Americanism is not tied down by the constraints of geography or lineage or class. It does not dissipate as one crosses the border into Mexico. It carries through and beyond because We the People of the United States are the embodiment of freedom. It is meant to be lived as part of our population’s collective psyche and it is meant to set an example to the rest of the world – this is what is possible when one nation under God unleashes the greatest of all earthly resources. Human potential.

Hear me now. There are large swathes of populace that live in America that have no interface with Americanism. Some of these ribbons of heritage – these ethnic groups – have an American ancestry that predates the Union. They have been with us all along. They are part of the national legacy, but they have been so mercilessly relegated by the many labels that have been thrust upon them or have been adopted by them that nearly 240 years beyond the birth of the world’s best hope for freedom and prosperity, many of these individuals walk and talk and breathe just steps away from where you live but never experience Americanism. It’s as if they are living in a different dimension, looking in and wondering why they can’t access the joyful success that surrounds them.

Meet woman one who will mark her 15 minutes of fame as the Obama phone lady and history, I promise you, will not remember this moment fondly. This leaves us to ponder the question, “Has the American Dream been achieved by the woman who thinks Utopia is defined as receiving her welfare check and her Obama phone on the same day?”

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