NOT LEFT to Die, They Were SET UP to Die!!

By Craig Andresen on November 1, 2012 at 6:57 am

To understand the whole Benghazi mess, I mean, REALLY understand it, one has to look at it from several points of reference.

If, after reading this, you feel there is nothing here to get worked up over, you’re simply not paying attention.

I will admit that I have followed this with a greater intensity than many but, for a damned good reason.

I have gone so far as to call this treason and, I stand by that call but, as Catherine Herridge, Jennifer Griffen and others at Fox News reveal pieces of the puzzle, my job of connecting the dots into a picture becomes more and more disturbing.

Let’s break this cover-up down.

The Pre Attack Scandal.

In the weeks and months leading to the 9-11 attack in Benghazi, things were far from “optimal.”

We had to sneak our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, into Libya on a Cargo ship because, we are told, it was just too dangerous to get him there any other way.

For approximately 16 months, since the killing of Gaddafi, there were 234 terrorist attacks in Libya.

Of those 234 attacks, 48 took place in Benghazi.

There were 2 attempts on the life of the British Ambassador.

The Red Cross had been attacked.

Then, both the British and the Red Cross pulled out of Benghazi…

While all of this was taking place, the professionals charged with security for the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, the Consulate in Benghazi and Ambassador Stevens’ personal security had communicated with the State Department for added security personnel and upgrades to the buildings.

Each time they requested more security, they were denied and nothing was done to make the buildings safer or to bring them up to standards of safety as prescribed by the State Department. All the while, the situation became more and more dangerous and the flag of al Qaeda was seen over many government building IN Benghazi.

Obama, his campaign and his administration were actively engaged in the denials of extra security and, in fact, one month before the attack, in what could only be described as a hostile zone, the Security team was DOWNSIZED.

This means that the first segment of the Benghazi scandal involves making our Ambassador, State Department personnel and our Consulate in Benghazi a direct target for our enemies.

Late last night it was revealed that a cable, sent from the Regional security Officer in Benghazi, outlined again, not only the need for physical upgrades to security at the Consulate but the need for added security personnel. That cable also detailed the situation in Benghazi was going from bad to worse. The cable mentioned, among others, Ansar al-Sharia, as a growing threat. Ansar al-Sharia is an al Qaeda affiliate and the group now believed responsible for the 9-11 deadly terrorist attack.

The cable also stated clearly that the Consulate could NOT withstand a coordinated attack and that the RSO would…AGAIN…make a formal request for upgraded security.

Now, here’s the kicker…


This is far more than ineptitude and far more than ignoring the situation in Benghazi because it didn’t fit the Obama political narrative.

The picture emerging from the individual pieces of the puzzle is one of the most disturbing I have ever seen and I don’t have any other way to explain this.

Our people, in Benghazi, were set up by our own government.

So far, Obama, his campaign and his administration have covered up the details of the meeting between our Ambassador and the Turkish diplomat and, as orders for military deployment and/or intervention would have had to come from the very top, the 3 stand down orders had to have come from Obama as he watched the attack in Benghazi from the White House Situation room.

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