It will take more than an Obama to kill America


Two days after Election 2012 and all we need to see us through is a double down on what has always made Americans great: George Washington style courage.

It is high time for all the people out there sending up loud mourning moans and burying America to snap out of it.

America is not dead and will never be.  Her place in history as leader of the Free World is documented, unchangeable history.  Even now people in far-flung countries where freedom and liberty don’t exist count on America for their survival.

The same pundits and talking heads who may have kept people from going out to vote because it was a “Romney landslide” are tossing out a plethora of reasons why Romney lost and Obama won.

In the myriad of election loss theories they conveniently skirt what really happened and how it will affect main street Americans in a post-election world.

Think of post November 6 America as Old Glory rent in two.  Going into election Americans were roughly split 50/50.  Coming out of the election Americans are still split 50/50.

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