Bloomington being Investigated for Another Open Meetings Act Violation

by Diane Benjamin

This is the 2nd investigation, even though the State’s Attorney’s Office hasn’t made a decision on the first investigation.  Here is a link to the first investigation:

The only response available for why it is taking them so long is:

Thank you for contacting the Public Access Bureau.  You requested an update on the above matter.  Please note that it is under review by our office.  We will issue a determination letter to both you and the public body when a determination has been made.
Very truly yours, 

Lindsay H. LaVine

Assistant Attorney General

Public Access Bureau

Illinois Attorney General’s Office

100 W. Randolph Street

Chicago, Illinois 60601

Tel: (312) 814-5201

Feel free to call and ask them what the hold-up is!

Meanwhile, I filed another violation when I found out votes are frequently required of council members via email.   The results of these “votes” are not shared with the council or the public.  Policy is, however, formed based on emails.  Here is the letter from the States Attorney’s Office

2 thoughts on “Bloomington being Investigated for Another Open Meetings Act Violation

    1. A wide range from funding for BCPA to policies the mayor just wants to float to see what the council reaction is. It’s more standard procedure than occasional.

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