Obama scandal list grows UPDATE

The list hasn’t been updated since June!  It’s time:

  • Obama continued to support the Muslim Brotherhood leader of Egypt while Christians were being slaughtered
  • Obama continued to push spending money on non-existent global warming, Europe backs off
  • Obama tries to start WWIII in Syria, luckily incompetence makes that impossible
  • Pentagon labels  Founding Fathers and conservatives as extremists
  • Ed Snowden exposes government tracking and data storage of citizens
  • $600,000,000 spent on a website (healthcare.gov) that doesn’t work, paid to a company employing a friend of Michelle’s, then they are hired again to fix the mess.
  • Obama illegally makes changes to the implementation of ObamaCare, he now prefers it is called the Affordable Care Act, but it probably won’t catch on since premiums and deductibles are skyrocketing for most people.

I’ve got to be missing some!  Let me know.


Since the media has done everything possible (Zimmerman, Trayvon, new prince) to distract from the President’s problems, it’s time to refresh minds about the on-going scandals.

Add a new one:  NSA data collection, they not only take all communications (in case they need it), but drones will soon be everywhere spying on Americans.  It has been reported they will even be able to see in your house!  Welcome to the new Police State!

Anybody believe members of Congress or Judges aren’t being nudged by what the NSA knows about them?

Since the list is getting too extensive to remember:

  • 6-15-3Fast and Furious – gun running to Mexican drug lords.  Investigation shut down by executive privilege.
  • Benghazi – we don’t know: why the ambassador was there, who ordered military to stand down, who gave Susan Rice the video talking points, why Hillary Clinton and Obama tried to perpetuate the lies
  • IRS – used to target perceived enemies of the Obama agenda
  • AP – nobody held accountable for spying on the media
  • James Rosen and his parents- Holder not held accountable for lying to Congress about his role in spying on a journalist and lying to a federal judge to obtain the secret warrant
  • Verizon data collection – probably all phone communications held just in case they need it
  • Clinton State Department shuts down investigation of criminal activity by employees
  • James Clapper lies to congress about collecting data on American citizens
  • EPA releases personal information on 80,000 farmers to environmental groups
  • HHS Secretary Sebelius shakes down companies to help fund the failing ObamaCare-violates the Hatch Act
  • Military members told what book they can’t read, chaplains can’t talk about God
  • lavish IRS parties at taxpayer expense
  • lavish GAO parties at taxpayer expense
  • lavish Veterans Administration parties at taxpayer expense
  • Fort Hood called “workplace violence”, shooter still collecting paychecks
  • Pigford – redistributing taxpayer money to minorities
  • Solyndra – money pays back Obama bundlers, bankruptcy held until after the 2010 election
  • Ex-EPA chief Lisa Jackson uses fake email account for government business, other suspected
  • New Black Panthers not prosecuted by Holder
  • Obama doesn’t get congressional approval before committing to Libya
  • Executive order by Obama to legalize “Dreamers”
  • Obama decides what laws will be enforced – Defense of Marriage Act, legalizing illegals
  • NLRB board appointment ruled unconstitutional but they are still working
  • Gibson Guitars – illegal seizure of their property
  • EPA using drones to spy on farmers
  • John Corzine – MF Global not prosecuted for mismanagement of investor funds and large losses

Miss any?  Let me know!

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