Think the world didn’t make sense before? See this: UPDATE

The amendment failed to pass.  This is a link to the vote:  134 Republicans think it’s just fine that the NSA is collecting data on all of us and storing it in Utah.  They include Adam Kinzinger, John Boehner, and Eric Cantor.

Republicans voting to take away power from the NSA were:  Rodney Davis and Randy Hulgreen.  Aaron Schock is listed as NOT voting.

111 Democrats voted with 94 Republicans to limited NSA power.  The police state continues.



The President is a Democrat.  The Democratic Party has sent out emails in the past the stretching the truth supporting anything Obama wants.  Today they sent this:

Revelations of massive surveillance of Americans by the secretive National Security Agency (NSA) have outraged Americans across ideological lines.

This surveillance violates the Fourth Amendment, which prevents the government from searching our records without a specific warrant.

Tell Congress to stop the NSA’s unconstitutional phone surveillance of Americans.

The surveillance was authorized by the secret FISA court using secret interpretations of laws that were never intended to authorize spying on Americans.

The first attempt by Congress to restrict unconstitutional NSA surveillance is the Amash-Conyers Amendment to H.R. 2397, which would defund NSA surveillance of the telephone records of Americans, unless they are the subject of an authorized terrorism investigation.

The House of Representatives will vote today on the Amash-Conyers Amendment, and Internet activists across the political spectrum are mobilizing to inundate Congress. So please act now!

Tell Congress to stop the NSA’s unconstitutional phone surveillance of Americans.

Thanks for all you do!

Bob Fertik

Links left intentionally.  Can anybody say bi-partisan support?  Has DC crossed a new line?  Does common sense actually live in DC?  Do Democrats and Republicans actually believe in the Constitution?  Will they vote to de-fund ObamaCare next?

Sorry, lost control there for a minute.

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