Ted Cruz, This Is All Your Fault!


Dear Senator Cruz,

I’m sorry to say this, but the finger points directly at you. You wholly deserve the blame.Ted_Cruz_official_portrait_113th_Congress

I was ready to turn the page. I had achieved a certain level of acceptance; and for the most part, I had reached a place of inner peace.

I was fully convinced that our elected officials fit into only one of three categories: Crook, Coward, or Commie.

I had come to fully understand the harsh realities of our day and how the current administration is finishing the work that had begun decades ago. We no longer will resemble the free society we once were. Our children will struggle, they will be monitored, and their care and possibly even their food will be rationed. They will work for the government, be supported by the government, and be indebted to the government; and they will not have the freedom to speak out against the government – no matter how repressive they become.

I’d come to accept it. There sure isn’t much I can do about it. I just know it wasn’t suppose to be this way. This is not what our forefathers envisioned. In fact, this is exactly what many of our former generations fought against. They spilled their blood so that freedom would be preserved. And now a select few are arrogantly and maliciously taking it all away. Even the freedom to uphold and honor the Judeo-Christian God of our founders is under assault.

And here you come, Senator Cruz , with your bold words and integrity. You withstand contempt and disdain even from within your own party. The doors already closing, and here you go trying to resist the inevitable.

What may be the worst part of it all is how, to a certain extent, you now leave the fate of the American People in the hands of such men.

May it be known that such weak-willed men will be directly responsible by stepping aside when their constituents, as well as future generations, were offered up at the table of tyranny. Let the record show – the blood will be on the hands of these man.

Senator Cruz, I blame YOU for restoring honesty and sincerity back into the relationship between representative and constituent.

You are the culprit; and regardless of the final outcome, I just want to say……

Thank You!
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