Weekend Fun – Sort of

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One thought on “Weekend Fun – Sort of

  1. The slideshow was fantastic; many in the category of “sad, but true.! Churchill’s comments show his uncanny knack of being able to see ‘truth’. Power’s comment shows that we are poor student’s of history. Her comment is similar to what the League of Nations was saying about Hitler’s taking over neighboring countries – just give them a little more and they will stop. Obama’s actions regarding Iran are almost a copy of Chamberlain’s actions in the treaty with Hitler (acknowledged by the League of Nations). Showing aggressors weakness will not do anything except make them bolder and bloodier. Conservatives have shown weakness by not standing up to aggressors both within and outside of our borders. It’s time to stand up, tell the truth (good and bad), right the ‘Ship of State’, proclaim that our country is exceptional, and move forward. Remember, you never stand still, you (we) are either moving forward or backward. It’s time to move forward, we have been moving backward long enough!


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