Mike James: Another job you AREN’T doing!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Various reports MUST be filed by law with the Illinois Comptroller.  Mike (laws don’t matter) James has failed to file the Downs annual report and two TIF reports.  TIF’s under corrupt leadership can be used as a slush fund to hand money to friends.  Is that why they aren’t filed Mr. Mayor?

I wonder if any Trustees will ask for the TIF reports and be told they don’t exist.

Downs:  Your mayor is now costing you fines for late filing.

From the Comptroller’s website:  http://warehouse.illinoiscomptroller.com/LandingPage.cfm?code=064/055/32&searchtype=TIFSearch&originalSearchString=Downs%20-%20a%20Village%20in%20Mclean%20County%20-%20064/055/32&CFID=9900749&CFTOKEN=c70154f6f1e0022f-F8565288-5056-93B5-5E7E3EE8DAF2EB6B


Somebody needs to ask why they haven’t been filed!





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