The BIG losers last night

By:  Diane Benjamin





Foreign governments who donated to the Clinton Foundation


Washington DC:


Big government lost big:




  1. Whether it is Democratic or a Republican, these totals tell us that the people of this town are going follow the establishment regardless if their own interests are harmed. This is why they listen to the local leadership. This is why they think their economy will stay the same for the next 20 years. They believe the leadership! The national leadership political bubble of manipulation and corrupt has just been broken. Next is the economic bubble of Bloomington/Normal. I am afraid that the people of Bloomington/Normal will not wake up until the collapse begins. Just why Hillary supporters did not wake up until the totals came in last night. The working people of this country have had enough. They want change. The establishment was offering more of the same. The Oligarchy’s control is slipping away from them. People all over the world are rejecting them and their globalism. It is time for the people of Bloomington/Normal to wake up, to the new world that will not be ruled by local and national elites and criminals. Our leadership’s blindness to the tenuous economic situation that we find ourselves in Bloomington/Normal is almost criminal. Many many people will be devastated (like Hillary supporters) when they realize how they were brainwashed into thinking economic decline “can’t happen here.”


  2. Surprising, huh. the “mobsters” in D.C. gave ole “slithery” 93% of the vote. Guess it’s Business as usual for the “insiders” DID we forget so soon that in Arkansas her husband was called “Slick Willie”? One can ONLY imagine HOW he got that moniker. At least we DO NOT have to listen to her whiney voice for 4 years.


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