You Didn’t Build That!

by C Steven Tucker

For those of you who STILL do not UNDERSTAND why EVERY American Small Business owner, Entrepreneur and tax PAYER should be OFFENDED by the comments Barack Obama made in the video below. Let me see if I can rectify your delusions. Ready? Here we go. Barack Obama is a Marxist. He is using the same DANGEROUS ‘collectivist’ rhetoric that Karl Marx & Fredrick Engels used to justify fleecing the PRODUCERS via a ‘Progressive” tax code in order to fund an ever expanding, all controlling GOVERNMENT. The problem with that is that Government does NOTHING efficiently. Absolutely NOTHING. And Government would not EXIST were it not for the forcible taxation of the PRODUCERS. Every single thing that Government does can be done BETTER, more cost effectively and more EFFICIENTLY by those from who they STEAL profits (the tax payer) in order to do things INEFFICIENTLY. Medicare has a $25 TRILLION unfunded liability obligation to future recipients. Medicaid has a $24.1 TRILLION ‘unfunded liability’ obligation to future recipients. The Medicaid special hospital subsidy was projected to cost $100 million. In LESS than 10 years it GREW to a massive cost of $11 Billion. What needs to be done in this nation is to DOWN SIZE government to match current or REDUCED revenue. Not INCREASE revenue from those who are ALREADY overburdened by forcible taxation and Barack Obama’s IMMORAL, “UnPatriotic” RECORD spending of $5.2 Trillion in 3 years time. Thanks to Conservative Republicans and the Tea party (and Harry Reid and the U.S. Senate who voted DOWN Barack Obama’s last 2 DISASTROUS “Budget Proposals” by 99-0). Obama’s spending spree has been RESTRICTED. Thank GOD and the Tea Party for that. Lastly, EVERY ONE must have some “skin in the game”. Not by fleecing those who already pay taxes even MORE. But by EVERYONE paying SOMETHING to support the PROPER role of their Government. Not HALF the country but ALL of the country must pay SOMETHING. That can only be achieved via a fair or flat tax system. Even MORE importantly, the role of Government MUST be RESTRICTED to the enumerated powers that our Founders ALLOTTED to it in our Constitution. It should NOT have been and can NOT continue to be the nation’s largest, insurer, largest mortgage holder, largest health care provider etc. For this DENIES the Free Market it’s ability to provide said services FAR more efficiently. Why does the Free Market provide said services more efficiently? Because they are working with THEIR money. Meaning that they have an impetus to PROTECT that money and do all that is possible to prevent a LOSS. Government does nothing of the sort. Now you’ll probably vote for Obama again because you lack the understanding of these fundamental principles and you’ll vote for even more record spending, more debt for my daughters to bear in the future but hey, at least I can say I TRIED to educate you. P.S. If you REALLY want to know how INEFFICIENT Government is on ALL levels. Click here:


Video of President Barack Obama

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