The #Pantagraph Makes it Too Easy!

by Diane Benjamin

Accurate fair reporting allows media to be trusted for information.  For YEARS the Pantagraph has proven to be untrustworthy.  We all hoped, with new owners, things would improve.  NOT A CHANCE!

Today they posted a story, locally written, in the Money section titled “McLean County Jobless Rate Creeps Up In June”.  According to the stats from the Illinois Department of Employment Security pictured in the article:

  • May the rate was 6.2
  • June it went to 7.6

Is this a “CREEPS?”

The story compares the rate 1 year ago – 7.5 – to the 2012 rate of 7.6

Who do you think you are fooling?  Karina Gonzalez, 6.2 to 7.6 in 1 month is not a “Creeps”!

The McLean County unemployment rate did not rise slightly in June.  Over 1% higher is a disaster.  Rates across the state rose significantly, but that story was completely ignored by the Pantagraph.

Reporting whatever you feel to help liberals and progressives stay in office, only makes you immaterial.  Obama will not be re-elected, Illinois will continue to decline, and you will NOT be able to help them.  The People aren’t has stupid as you think they are!

2 thoughts on “The #Pantagraph Makes it Too Easy!

  1. Isn’t that about a 22% increase, 6.2 to 7.6? The Pantagraph is only a paper. Lost it’s distinction as a “news”paper a long time ago. The limited ownership of 6 global corporations owning 98% of the media has certainly brought the bias to the edge of boredom.

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