GOP Healthcare Reform – Update

By Diane Benjamin

Another uniformed Letter to the Editor appeared in Sunday’s Pantagraph.  The writer can’t be blamed for not knowing – the media will tell you NOTHING about what happens in the GOP House!  It doesn’t help that the Senate WILL NOT discuss ANY bills passed by the House.  It isn’t the DO NOTHING Congress – it’s the DO NOTHING Senate.

The writer opined about the House voting yet again to Repeal ObamaCare.  First, the writer and others recently have not been informed on the facts.  ObamaCare has nothing to do with Health Care.  It has nothing to do with insuring more citizens.  It is about control of 1/5 of the economy by the government.  It is about rationing health care, why else would $500 BILLION be cut from Medicare?  Progressives want to drastically change health care by NOT offering it to non-productive members of society.  Research the Whole Lives program.  Basically, if you are 15 – 40 you deserve more healthcare because you contribute to society.  Remember the Obama campaign speech – Take a Pill?  Of course the main stream media won’t discuss it – that’s why they are now immaterial.

Back to the Letter to the Editor – might as well go to the source:

I’m no cheerleader for the GOP, but education and accurate information MUST be given to citizens.  Since nobody else does, I must.  If seniors were informed, would Obama get a single vote from them?  Doubtful.

Want more proof:


One thought on “GOP Healthcare Reform – Update

  1. I haven’t been to the online Pantagraph since they started charging for it after the 15 reads. I just can’t give those people one stinkin’ penny. Nope! Can’t and won’t. I hope they feel my lack of clicks in reduced advertising revenue. It’s too bad the management of the company sucks because there are still a lot of good people who work there. It must be depressing to work there. No investigative journalism unless it is a political smear campaign. I’d bet the reporters are glad to have a paycheck but hate their jobs.

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