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On August 8th For The Good of Illinois sent the following email to subscribers.  It is a story that should be broadcast ALL over Illinois!  Businesses are leaving Illinois for states with friendlier business climates.   Tax Hike Mike Frerichs is being  challenged by John Bambenek for Illinois Senate.  Christine Radogno, minority leader of the Illinois Senate is NOT supporting John!  Why?  He’s a conservative.  John is a direct threat to her leadership because he has common sense values, understands the state problems, and won’t be used by Democrats to enact ObamaCare in Illinois and pass the Illinois Dream Act.

But the story gets better – keep reading.

Meet Tax Hike MikeThe final straw was when Illinois raised its income taxes. That did it for me.”
Gayle Frerichs | Frerichs Trucking
Quoted in Champaign News-Gazette, August 8, 2012
  • January ’11: Sen. Mike Frerichs (D-Champaign) voted for 67% income tax hike.
  • Soon after, his own cousin’s trucking business fled to Covington, Indiana.

Today, Sen. Mike Frerichs is running for re-election on the Next Income Tax Hike

Why did Gayle Frerichs move the business to Indiana?

“Springfield is so non-business-friendly,” said Gayle Frerichs. Citing high workers compensation costs, taxes, healthcare, fees, and license plate costs, Frerichs will save $90,000- $100,000 every year for his 20 person company.
Source: Champaign News-Gazette

All these “taxes” are crushing Illinois job creation. In Frerichs’ district alone, the June employment rate is 10.5% in Vermillion County and 9.1% in Champaign County.

The 7,000 units of Illinois government already spend $100 billion in taxes.

Here’s the bad news: if Frerichs is re-elected, he may well spearhead the next income tax hike. If you’re a productive, hard-working family, business, taxpayer, or senior, you’re stuck with the bill.

Help us fight the Tax Hike Mike Frerichs and the Tax Hike Mike Madigan’s all across Illinois.  See our very successful track record here.  Please contribute, here.

For the Good of Illinois PAC.

Adam Andrzejewski
For The Good of Illinois PAC | Chairman

PS.  Join us on for breakfast on Sept. 12th in Champaign at the Hilton Garden Inn as we kick off our “Defeat Tax Hike Mike” Campaign.  We’ve reserved a room for hundreds.  Reserve your seat please reply to this email.

September 12th is also the one year anniversary of “Open the Books”- the pay and pensions of virtually all Illinois government employees posted online at openthebooks.com.

Yesterday GOP Chair Pat Brady copied the above email and turned it into a request for money:

Tax Hike Mike

Did you read the Champaign News-Gazette yesterday?

In case you missed it, columnist Tom Kacich reported that the cousin of State Senator Mike Frerichs (D-Champaign) had moved his business across the border to Indiana due to the unfriendly Illinois business climate.

Here’s what Gayle Frerichs, Sen. Frerichs’s cousin, told the newspaper:

“In Springfield, it is so non-business-friendly…. You can’t believe how friendly Indiana made it.” 

Frerichs said he would save $90,000 to $100,000 a year in lower taxes, license plate fees, and health care costs by moving his 20-person company to Indiana.

“The final straw was when Illinois raised its income taxes. That did it for me,” said Frerichs. 

His cousin Mike voted for the tax hike that drove business out of Illinois. That 67% income tax hike passed at 2:30 a.m. at the end of a lame duck session in January of 2011. Not a single Republican voted for the tax hike.

Sen. Frerichs has made our economic environment worse by supporting more taxes, more borrowing, and more spending. Families and job creators are finding it harder to stay in Illinois because of the Democrats’ terrible mismanagement.

Please take a moment to read Kacich’s column in the News-Gazette and help us defeat tax and spenders like Sen. Mike Frerichs by contributing today at redacted

Thank you,

Pat Brady
Chairman, Illinois Republican Party

Does the #ILGOP need to copy the work of others to have anything to say?  Why are REAL conservatives not supported?  Has the #ILGOP done ANYTHING for Illinois other than make lame attempts at corralling Democrats?  Has the #ILGOP given you any reason to contribute or vote to re-elect the current crop?

There are a few really good GOP elected officials in Springfield:  Sam McGann and Kyle McCarter shine as examples of the elected working for the citizens.  They need John Bambenek in Springfield.  Since the GOP is scared that John might actually win – that’s a great reason to support him!  Please contribute generously. http://johnbambenek.com/2012/

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