Jeers to the #Pantagraph

In today’s paper – the Pantagraph cheers the selection of CNN’s Candy Crowley’s to moderate a presidential debate. Wow, first women in 20 years.

Pantagraph: the selection of a woman doesn’t matter if her ideology is the same as the men. What CONSERVATIVE is moderating?

The other chosen moderators are Jim Lehrer and Bob Schieffer. Not a conservative in the bunch.

See Candy Crowley in action + some commentary:

If a women had to be chosen, Megyn Kelly would have been a FAR better choice.  At least she has experience moderating debates.  The GOP debates with her and Bret Bair were highly rated, lively, and  informative.

The 3 debates will be boring, probably real issues won’t be discussed-just talking points.  CNN’s ratings are in the basement for a reason, nobody likes boring rehashed left-of-center reporting.  So much for informing America of the real issues.  So much for media as well.  Good thing other ways to inform the public exist.

3 thoughts on “Jeers to the #Pantagraph

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