Thompson Prison Story in Today’s Pantagraph – The REAL Story!

by Diane Benjamin

Once AGAIN:  If you get your news from Associated Press – you aren’t getting the REAL news!

Illinois wants to sell this prison to the Feds because:

Obama wants to close GITMO and send all the prisoners to Illinois!

The Illinois TEA Party already defeated this sale in 2009 when over 800 activists attended a hearing on the sale 2 days before Christmas!

The $165 million is not worth the havoc caused by the relatives of the prisoners who move to Illinois to be close.  Remember Illinois has NO standards for who is allowed to live here, use free healthcare, and receive government assistance.

Also,  this prison will NOT produce 1,100 jobs!  This must be a maximum security prison and it will be staffed with FEDERAL EMPLOYEES – not Illinois citizens.

Dick Durbin is deeply involved in this effort, luckily we have the House leadership on OUR side!

2 thoughts on “Thompson Prison Story in Today’s Pantagraph – The REAL Story!

  1. How did that dumb ass get reelected over and over again. I must admint I even voted for him – ashamed to say it. We must do everything we can to get rid of Oblunders lap dog, Durbin.

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