Congratulations Democrats!

by Diane Benjamin

You are now SLAVES to the public sector unions in Illinois.

How does it feel to be bought and paid for?

You can’t fund pensions and you can’t change benefits – the union leaders will call out their thugs.  The phones in Springfield will overload when the union heads tell their people to call – call – call!  The halls of the capital will be full of angry union members bused in to terrorize you.

At least for now the unions keep shoveling money your direction.  What is going to happen when the pension systems collapse?  Do you have a safe-house ready?

You are slaves, but the citizens of Illinois are paying the price.  Income taxes up 67%-all for pensions.  All OUR tax money didn’t come close to paying for what you promised them.  The credit rating of Illinois is about to be downgraded to junk bond status.  Interest rates the state will pay go up – again, the citizens pay.  Sound like California?  Exactly, but they at least have an ocean, mountains, and nice weather.  Illinois has Chicago and gangs gone wild.

We’ve heard rumors that medical marijuana may be on your docket.  Trying to drug us so we don’t notice your ineptness?   We’ve also heard you want a progressive income tax – in other words, tax the rich.  Another wonderful plan that will force the successful people in Illinois to leave.  Look at the exodus from New York and California.

Other than your life could at stake from the disenfranchised angry union members counting on being lavishly paid forever,  what are you afraid of? The unions are NOT going to start throwing money at the Republican party – especially in Illinois.  They are more inept than you!  The IL GOP has no message of inspiration for Illinois.  They will not and can not make the state better.  They are perfectly happy watching the collapse, after all – they are the minority and can’t do anything. (according to them)

Are you more afraid of the unions or the rest of us?  The people of Chicago are programmed to believe you are the only political party.  Keep illegally handing out those voter cards at the polling place doors.  Evidently they aren’t capable of research or reading an actual ballot.  You can have them, at least whoever is left when the violence finally subsides.

For the rest of the state, you might want to barricade the borders.  The mass evacuation has already begun.

More info on contributions by unions to the Democratic Party:



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