Fly on the Wall – Bloomington

I hear all – see all

When buzzing in my ear is too great to ignore – I must report!

Buzzing around the Bloomington Council chambers, I heard Mayor Stockton wants committees!  For what – who knows.

I’d bet a committee on Form Based Code would be a Big Hit.  Pack it with council members and like minded citizens who compile a lovely report, present it to the council, and ask for a vote between 2 options.

Of course, the options will be:

  • instant form based code
  • phased in form based code over 3-5 years

Either way – Stockton gets what he wants:  Control over private property on the Main Street Corridor.

In Normal eminent domain was used to TAKE a private business, Bloomington will use consensus of the already anti-rights crowd to accomplish pretty much the same thing.

I will be listening for updates.

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