Illinois Corrupt? Blame Media! Update

by Diane Benjamin

According to an editorial in Sunday’s Pantagraph, 58% of voters surveyed think Illinois is more corrupt than other states.

They sited some culprits – 2 ex-governors in prison and voter fraud across the state, but they miss the obvious – who is in bed with the politicians?  Media.

According to the survey, 41% thought their local government was just as corrupt as the state’s.   Maybe voters are smarter than media thinks.  Do corrupt governors grow on trees?  No-they used to be local elected officials.  Maybe the little politicians wouldn’t grow up to be corrupt ogres if the media covered their first dalliances.

How exactly does the press deal with the locally elected in Bloomington-Normal?  If you are a liberal progressive or a do-nothing Republican they might as well throw a daily party.  We are treated to meaningless interview after meaningless interview.

If you are an actual conservative you are ridiculed, dismissed, ignored or lied about.  Examples: Lee Newcom and Judy Stearns.  Numerous articles were written about both – in Newcom’s case the Pantagraph didn’t bother to check the facts.  Matt Sorensen finally held a press conference right before the primary to clear him.  Too bad he didn’t feel the need to implicate the real culprit.  They got the facts wrong on Stearns.  She received incorrect bills, like HUNDREDS of others in Bloomington-Normal, paid them,  but was excoriated by the Pantagraph.  Did you hear about the other elected officials?   click here: GHE List   The list includes the husband of another sitting council member, at least one judge, and numerous other citizens.   The grimace on Stockton’s face when she was sworn in, printed on the front page, was however priceless.  Okay, one point for the press.

Did the press report on the salary spiking by the former City Manager?


Employer Name


Annual Wages

2000 City Of Bloomington Hamilton Thomas A $103,464.51
2001 City Of Bloomington Hamilton Thomas A $108,715.60
2002 City Of Bloomington Hamilton Thomas A $114,262.25
2003 City Of Bloomington Hamilton Thomas A $117,635.09
2004 City Of Bloomington Hamilton Thomas A $123,985.60
2005 City Of Bloomington Hamilton Thomas A $128,572.26
2006 City Of Bloomington Hamilton Thomas A $133,094.56
2007 City Of Bloomington Hamilton Thomas A $123,379.88
2008 City Of Bloomington Hamilton Thomas A


2009 City Of Bloomington Hamilton Thomas A $38,274.69

You think David Hales is working a way to do the same thing?  Probably, but the media won’t report it.  By the way, that ending salary is netting Tom Hamilton a pension of almost $10,000 a month.  Did the press report that?

Has the press ever reported on the voter fraud in Chicago?  Have you been informed about the Machine guys handing out cards at the door with who to vote?  The state’s attorney and election commission came by, but not to enforce the law – just to make sure everything was running machine smooth.  Did the press drop by or sign-up to poll watch?  Not a chance.  They wouldn’t get their irrelevant stories if they reported the truth.  Here’s an idea:  How about they tail some of the powerful alderman on election day?  I’d bet they show up at places it’s illegal for them to be.  I suppose their security detail wouldn’t appreciate it and it could be dangerous, after all they are armed.  Concealed carry for some, not the rest of us.

The list of media misconduct and misinformation is endless, but you get the idea.  Corruption is readily apparent right here in Bloomington-Normal and the County.  But citizens will never know because the press doesn’t understand their responsibility.  Perhaps a History Of The Press class would inspire them to do their job as a watchdog for the public.

The conclusion to the editorial was:  Illinois voters don’t trust their state government because it has proven to be unworthy.  Ditto that for the press.

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  1. If you think that’s bad, take a look at Mark Peterson. He’s about to get another raise on Monday as well.

    1. Income per family under Obama is down $4000 – but government gets raises! Did you see ISU is handing out cash too? We are being ruled, not represented.

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