McLean County Republicans Part of Pension Mess

Illinois Review posted a story this weekend about Madigan’s pension mess.   It concentrated on the bill allowing people to work briefly for the state, then work for a union, then collect huge state pensions based on their work for other organizations instead of the state.  Madigan, of course, wrote the bill to benefit an aide, but Republicans voted Yes.  Anybody surprised?

Here’s a link to the House Vote in 2006:

Dan Brady Yes

Chapin Rose Yes

Shane Cultra No (but you voted out the real conservative)

Keith Sommer NO (at least he had brains)

Bill Mitchell Yes

GOP Current Leadership:

Tom Cross Yes

Here’s the Senate vote:

Bill Brady Yes

Govenor wanna-be’s:

Kurt Dillard Yes

Dan Rutherford Yes

GOP Current Leadership:

Christine Radogno Yes

Are you starting to understand why Illinois is a mess?  With NO GOP Party actually thinking before voting, Illinois will continue the downward spiral.  Conservative leadership is non-existent.

Once again, LEAVE the ballot blank if these guys are on your ballot, they are running unopposed.   Send them a message:  Your days are numbered!

Read the whole story:

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