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When buzzing in my ear is too great to ignore – I must report!

Recently some representatives from the League of women Voters went to the County Clerks Office to get poll watcher credentials – not a new thing for them.

Kathy Michael tried to block their efforts, saying she had the authority to deny credentials.  (god complex?)

She doesn’t, as pointed out by the LWV reps.  When threatened with going to the press, Kathy caved.

Does she want the Recorder’s Office so badly she doesn’t want anyone watching the vote count?


8 thoughts on “Fly On The Wall – County Clerk

  1. I’ll add one more comment; you are free to call me as well, as I wasn’t one of the sources contacted. And, I only spoke with one person from LOWV regarding this effort. Only one.

  2. And fly, I just can’t resist, no one threatened to go the the Press. Are you drinking to much fermented apple juice as you are “buzzing” around? Have a nice week-end.

  3. I believe that this website and it’s owner does a lot of good for the community in actively pursuing and reporting. However I doubt that hooking up with a disgruntled employee that holds an obvious if not hateful grudge will be of best interests.

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