Nearly Half of Congress Vulnerable to Fraudulent and Foreign Donations, Obama, Romney

Of the 446 House and Senate members who have an online donation page, 47.3% do not require the three or four digit credit card security number (officially called the Card Verification Value, or the CVV) for Internet contributions. The CVV is an industry-standard anti-fraud credit card security feature used by over 90% of all e-commerce operations and nineteen of the twenty largest charities in the United States.  By not protecting themselves with industry-standard security, larger campaigns pay millions of dollars in extra card processing fees that could otherwise be avoided with the use of the CVV.

  • Specifically:

    • Obama Campaign Lacks the Industry-Standard Level Of Credit Card Security For Donations, But Uses It For Merchandise Purchases: To purchase Obama campaign merchandise, the campaign requires buyers to enter their credit card CVV security code, but does not require the credit card security code to be entered when making an online campaign donation. By GAI’s estimates, the Obama campaign’s failure to utilize industry-standard protections potentially costs the campaign millions in extra processing fees.
    • Purchased By An Obama Bundler In Shanghai, China With Questionable Business Ties to State-Run Chinese Enterprises: In 2008, was purchased by an Obama fundraiser living in Shanghai, China, whose business is heavily dependent on relationships with Chinese state-run television and other state-owned entities.
    • 68% Of Traffic To Anonymously Registered Is Foreign: According to industry leading web analytics site Markosweb, an anonymously registered redirect site ( features 68 % foreign traffic. Starting in December 2011, the site was linked to a specific donation page on the official campaign website for ten months. The page loaded a tracking number, 634930, into a space on the website labeled “who encouraged you to make this donation.” That tracking number is embedded in the source code for and is associated with the Obama Victory Fund. In early September 2012, the page began redirecting to the standard Obama Victory Fund donation page.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, using common spamming techniques, may have been undertaken by unknown third-parties, generating foreign traffic to

    Report: Romney’s Campaign Better Than Obama’s at Preventing Foreign Donations, But Not Perfect

    GAI reported that about 11.9 percent of Romney’s website traffic comes from “foreign sources,” something that may raise suspicions. The Romney campaign website does, however, require donors to specifically identify themselves as proper donors and it’s unclear if foreign traffic would have anything to do with actual donations.

    GAI said the “full extent” of Romney’s campaign donation bundlers “is not known” because of his campaign’s lack of transparency with regard to that information. GAI noted bipartisan calls for Romney to release that information.

    Read the full report:

8 thoughts on “Nearly Half of Congress Vulnerable to Fraudulent and Foreign Donations, Obama, Romney

  1. Romney went to Israel to seek campaign donations. Acceptance of illegal foreign donations is mentioned in your article so why do you continue to support the blatant dishonesty of the man? Think it will change if he’s president? Where was your support for Ron Paul who has been a straight up politician for 20 years? Amazing.

    1. What is your proof Romney was collecting campaign contributions. I hope you know there are Americans living in Israel! Again-Ron Paul isn’t running. Waste your vote – write him in.

  2. No time to type “romney foreign campaign contributions” into your search engine? LOL! Sheesh! You don’t want to know. YOU would rather hide you head on this one) under the covers. Why I don’t know as I thought this site represented truth. This (subject) makes me wonder. Here is your search link below. Next I guess you’ll challenge the proof to me rather that the authors who make the claim.

    1. I clicked on the link and found a bunch of stuff on illegal Obama contributions. If you don’t want to vote for Romney don’t – I couldn’t care less. Just know your vote makes it more likely we will have 4 more years of the destruction of America. If that’s okay, fine. Tell your kids you couldn’t do anything about it, maybe they will believe you.

  3. Tsk, tsk,,,if you did not find Romney articles on this link then in all due respect I would suggest that you adjust your blinders. However since it is apparent that I must be wrong just because you say so may very well paint a picture of the longevity of the credibility of this website. I truly wish you good luck as you provide a lot of good information. However an attitude adjustment might be in order.

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