Venezuela versus Us

Hugo Chavez won another election, even though the economy in Venezuela under the self declared socialist, Chavez,  is a disaster.  Inflation is at 21% and food shortages exist due to price controls.  Crime is rampant, the murder rate is the highest in the world.  The national debt has tripled and class warfare is encouraged by Chavez.

Sound familiar?

Read this story for more information:

Why did the people vote to re-elect Chavez when their country was so much better before he brought socialism to Venezuela?

From this article:

Far away from the modern shopping malls of Chacao, in the poorer neighborhoods across the capital city, stand other types of development, the markings of Chavez’s nearly 14 years in power called “missions,” or social programs for the poor. In downtown Caracas, a Chavez stronghold, new houses are wrapped in a government banner to identify his latest mission to address the city’s housing crisis.

Here, long lines and enthusiasm are just as high as in the opposition strongholds. “He [President Chavez] has helped a lot of people,” says Pedro Gonzalez, an accountant, who lives in the area and says many of his friends and neighbors have benefited from the government’s housing initiative.

“We need to finish what we started,” adds Chavez supporter Tina Periche, a juice vendor who says she distrusts challenger Capriles because his policies are “neoliberal” and “capitalist,” she says. “The president and his missions, housing, health, and culture (are) a plan for all of us.”

The short recap:  Chavez redistributes the wealth so all are equally miserable. (except the Chavez cronies, of course)

How is this any different than what Obama is doing?  Food stamp recipients are at an all time high, more people are on Social Security Disability than find jobs.  Is Obama buying votes?  Is Obama trying to destroy capitalism here?  The Venezuelan people voted against capitalism in favor of government programs.  More people wanted their free stuff than freedom to fail or succeed without government interference.

Chavez endorses Obama.

“Mitt Romney is the extremist and Barack Obama is a good guy”according to Venezuelan socialist left-wing anti U.S. dictator Hugo Chavez.

Will the United States people decide the same?

One more twist – did Hugo steal the election?

Tanks in our streets November 7th?  Everything else fits . . .

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