Miller Park Zoo and YOU

by Diane Benjamin

Citizens and Politicians alike need a RESET!  Any tax dollars government has they STOLE from YOU.

Radical statement?  YES.  But what is the role of government?  A Coliseum?  A Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts?  Total re-build of downtown Normal?

Isn’t the REAL purpose of government to protect our rights?  Anybody read the Constitution lately?  How about Fire, Police, and roads?  Why does government feel they have the right to steal your money and invest it in a zoo?

Everybody loves the Miller Park Zoo, but let’s look a little deeper.  The zoo is much bigger than it was 20-30 years ago.  Now they want to expand again.  Exactly when does expansion stop?  If you ask zoo officials, I’d bet they’d say never. Once the new exhibits are viewed by anybody interested in the area, zoo attendance will drop.  Therefore more expansion will be needed.  Is the goal to turn the Miller Park Zoo into Brookfield Zoo?  Is the goal to make the zoo a vacation destination?  Then the question must turn back to:  Does government have the right to steal your money for this project?

Local elections are next April.  You can keep electing people who believe they are entitled to your tax dollars and all the state and federal money they can write grants for, or you can take a break from big spenders.  Only you can decided when enough is enough!

Think STOLE is too harsh?  Look up the definition: to take without permission.  How else would you describe taxes?

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