Seems that just days after 13th Congressional District politician David Gill (D) admitted that the “Susan” he uses in a campaign ads and in fundraising pitches never existed, the Democrat candidate is facing new attacks from the Illinois Republican Party. This time about newly surfaced photos of Gill participating in a taxpayer-funded event with convicted felon and disgraced ex-governor Rod Blagojevich.  

In the month prior to the 2004 election, Blagojevich made a number of stops around the state to promote Illinois’ I-SaveRx Program. While the Blagojevich Administration claimed the trips were “for official business and are not intended to be political,” the Governor shared the stage with numerous Democratic candidates just weeks before the election, including David Gill.

In an article on October 26, 2004, the Bloomington Pantagraph detailed the event held at a senior center in Clinton: “…But at a stop at a senior center in DeWitt County last week, Blagojevich was joined by 15th Congressional District candidate David Gill, a Democrat from Clinton…The event gave Gill, a doctor who has made health care the focus of his campaign, an opportunity to speak to 150 potential voters.

The photo shows David Gill illegally attending the event as a political candidate, wearing a political button with his campaign’s logo.

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