Benghazi: We deserve answers

  • 4 dead Americans in Benghazi.
  • The video feed was watched LIVE at the White House, Pentagon, and State Department.
  • Pleas for help were sent, but none came.
  • CIA was 1 mile away- was told to stand down.
  • Previous attacks caused the British and Red Cross to evacuate, but security was taken away from Americans instead of increased.
  • Obama administration blamed a stupid video for 2 weeks even when they knew it was a terrorist attack while it was happening.

Video of a DEMOCRAT blasting the media:


This was posted yesterday on Facebook – tomorrow means MONDAY!  First phone is to correspondence  line  – mailbox full.  Second number is an operator who says to call back Tuesday.

The main stream media is ignoring the story.  Tell them to report or be permanently immaterial!

Tell them to report the Libya Cover-up!
***NBC – 212-664-3720 – can get to an answering machine
***ABC – 212-456-7777 – can get to an answering machine
***CBS – 212-975-3247 – can get to an answering machine

Flood the mainstream media twitter accounts with “Report the news on #Benghazi, NOW”…

Follow them on twitter….every time they send out a news tweet…retweet with “report the news on #Benghazi” NOW. Remove all but the first word of whatever they tweeted. Nothing more…just flood them with tweets.

@political ticker










Call your US Representatives and Senators and tell them to DEMAND Answers!  Post on their Facebooks where it is publicly visible! 
Sen. Durbin 202-224-2152
Sen. Kirk 202-224-2854
Rep. Randy Hultgren 202-225-2976
Rep. Don Manzullo 202-225-5676
Rep. Joe Walsh 202-225-3711
Rep. Bobby Schilling 202-225-5905
Rep. Adam Kinzinger 202-225-3635
Rep. Tim Johnson 202-225-2371
Rep. Aaron Schock 202-225-6201
Rep. John Shimkus 202-225-5271
Rep. Judy Biggert 202-225-3515
Rep. Peter Roskam 202-225-4561
Rep. Bob Dold 202-225-4835
Rep. Dan Lipinski 202-225-5701
Rep. Mike Quigley 202-225-4061
Rep. Jan Schakowsky 202-225-2111
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. 202-225-0773

PATRIOTS: Whatever options you prefer, please stand up for those who were told to ‘stand down’!  They gave their lives.

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