So This Is What “God D*mn America” Looks Like

Four years ago, our media overlords assured us that President Empty Chair was really Candidate Empty Pew — a parishioner who sat for 20 years in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s nutty, hate-mongering church and never heard a single word.

“God bless America?  No, no, no!  God d*mn America!” thundered Reverend Wright, and just in case you missed the delicate subtleties of his Black Liberation Theology, he helpfully noted that 9/11 was “America’s chickens” “coming home to roost.”

Well, America’s chickens are surely roosting overtime now.  Surveying the wreckage of the country formerly known as the leader of the free world, you may be forgiven for suspecting that Obama did indeed overhear a sermon or two during his loyal decades in Wright’s Trinity Church.  Wright preached against “middle-classness,” and hey, Obama’s certainly taken care of that!  In fact, even master debater Joe Biden admits that the middle class has been “buried” in the last four years.

Did you know that Reverend Wright lovingly published Hamas editorials in his church’s newsletter?  There, ladies and gentlemen, is Obama’s foreign policy in a nutshell.  As for the Lifetime Achievement Award that Wright bestowed upon Louis Farrakhan, I fully expect that in a second Obama term, we’ll all be graced with Secretary of State Farrakhan.  And if that won’t pass congressional muster, Obama can simply appoint Farrakhan our czar.

Never mind The Audacity of Hope, the book title that Obama swiped from a Reverend Wright sermon.  Let’s spotlight the audacity of the media for de-materializing the screeching elephant in the national room that was Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

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