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This is the best explanation of the divide in the country.  SEIU believes government is the fountain which overflows with jobs.   Obviously lacking is knowledge of debt, interest rates, economics, and where real jobs come from.  Programs going bankrupt can’t be comprehended by people who believe there are no limits to spending.  These are also the same guys who donated and worked to re-elect the guy who hands out the goodies.  Corporations already have the highest tax rates in the world.  The top 2% already pay almost half of all income taxes, but that’s not “their fair share”.  The SEIU people want to work for government, not corporations.  The vision of the left = work for government, vision of the right = cut government.  The next 4 years will be fun.

Tell Congress we need Jobs Not Cuts
On Election Day, Americans firmly rejected the far-right Republican agenda of job-killing budget cuts. We voted with a mandate for strengthening the middle class and putting people back to work in good paying American jobs. We voted to invest in jobs and education, not for cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
In the coming weeks, Congress will be making decisions that will have long-term effects on our economy. If our elected representatives act responsibly, they have an opportunity to shrink the economic inequality gap and protect the vital services working families depend on for years to come. We need to make sure they do just that.
We’re sending a letter to members of Congress insisting they focus on job creation and economic growth, not devastating cuts that will cripple our recovery.
Click here to co-sign the letter and tell Congress: We need jobs, not cuts.
SEIU members will be hand delivering the signatures later this month.
Experience tells us Speaker Boehner and his right-wing caucus are wedded to a stubborn ideology that gives the wealthy a break while working people bear the brunt. Partisan grandstanding isn’t what we voted for last week — and it’s not what’s going to jump start our economy.
Our elected leaders are scheduled to address the national deficit and make some far-reaching decisions about our country’s budget.  We’re asking them to consider four things. We need our government to:
  • Create jobs and grow the economy. The best way to reduce the deficit is by investing in good jobs and keeping the economic recovery going.
  • Protect Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Any deal must protect the millions of Americans who depend on these core programs and maintain our nation’s safety net.
  • Let the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% expire and require corporations to pay their fair share.The middle class tax cuts should be extended immediately.
  • Protect vital public services like child care, Head Start, and special education.
As the President said this past Friday, House Republicans need to get on board and act now in the interest of working people.
Click to tell Congress to protect the vital services Americans depend on: 
In Solidarity,
Mary Kay Henry

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