What Presidents Have Taught Us

Jimmy Carter
.  America elected a peanut farmer.  Seems like a brilliant choice:  peanut farms are controlled by the USDA to prevent competition and fix prices.

So, voters expected an anti-capitalist to run a capitalist country?  Gas went over $1 per gallon under Carter and we were told “suggested” temperatures to set in our houses.

Then there was the whole Iran hostage crisis.  52 Americans held hostage for 444 days and a failed rescue attempt.  Note:  No more peanut farmers please.

Ronald Reagan.  The guy every Republican seeking office compares himself/herself to until asked to act like him.

Reagan had to take his case directly to the American people to win the nomination.  The GOP hasn’t changed – conservatives not welcome.  Maybe they should be banned from uttering Reagan’s name.

It was Morning in America with a President who clearly communicated the greatness of the United States.  He made the whole country feel good, even through tough times.

George H Bush.  Having an R behind your name and being Reagan’s Vice President doesn’t make you Reagan. Telling the people you will not raise taxes and then raising them makes you a liar or worse.  Did he really think Democrats would cut spending  if taxes were raised.

Bill Clinton.  Oral sex isn’t sex.  Disbarment and impeachment doesn’t hurt your standing in the Democratic Party.   The left still loves you Bill.

It seems that settling sexual harassment cases to keep them as quiet as possible still makes you an authority on how Republicans hate women.  Bill might be the only guy who really wants to be “First Lady”.

George W Bush.  A compassionate conservative is nothing more than a big spending Republican.  He missed the memo on taking away freedoms – Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.  Ben Franklin  Thanks for the TSA and warrant-less wiretaps.

I hope the country agrees:  No more Bush’s on any ballot!  Jeb-that means you, your kids, all George’s kids, grandkids, great-grand kids, etc. etc. etc

Barack Obama.  Conservatives didn’t think it was possible, but a community organizer makes a worse president than a peanut farmer.  Lies, corruption, and voter fraud are the keys to success.  Jimmy Carter has been replaced as worst president ever.

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