Oliver Stone: Untold History of the United States

Starting November 12, Showtime will air a 12 part documentary re-writing history with “what if?”.  Many Americans have already been indoctrinated to accept high gas prices, high unemployment, and green technology as a replacement energy source.  Now Stone looks at history, as The Nation magazine describes it,  without American exceptional-ism.  The Nation is far left.

Quick recap:

Truman should never have been President, Henry Wallace was the Democrats choice for VP instead.  Stone claims that Wallace would not have  bombed Japan, there would have been no nuclear arms race, and no Cold War.

JFK, had he not died, would have pulled out of Vietnam.

If George W Bush had listened to his intelligence advisers, 911 would never have happened.

Read The Nation report:  http://www.thenation.com/article/171210/oliver-stones-untold-history?rel=emailNation

Re-writing history to erase what’s great about America, like the Constitution, is a tactic the left has used for decades.  If you watch, investigate the claims yourself.



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