More on Driver’s Licenses for illegal aliens

by Diane Benjamin

If you want a clear picture of who in the Illinois Senate is a conservative and who is pandering for votes, click here to see who voted to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens in Illinois:

Note 2 persons wanting to be governor, Dillard and Brady, voted YES.

If a vehicle is purchased from a dealer and financed, the bank will required proof of insurance.  If cash is paid, no insurance is required to acquire license plates.

If a vehicle is purchased from another person, the buyer can go to the DMV and get license plates.  Proof of insurance is not required.

Insurance is required by law in Illinois for the entire period of the registration.  Instead of issuing licenses to illegals so they can get insurance,  how about requiring insurance to get plates?  There is no guarantee issuing licenses will mean insurance will be purchased, but if plates can’t be purchased, driving won’t be an option.  Insurance companies may not even write insurance for illegal aliens.

Obviously banks are smart enough to make sure insurance is maintained because their loan is stake.    Why isn’t the state smart enough to institute a similar program when the safety and property of citizens are at stake?

Maybe not being a sanctuary state would be easier.

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