Progressives – Part 3 (why Obama won)

by Diane Benjamin

Please read Parts 1 and 2, the narrative continues from the progressive ideas spelled out so far.

Part II of The Little Blue Book is titled:  The Epidemic of Extreme Conservatism.  The concept that conservatives follow the strict authoritarian father model continue painting anyone wanting limited government as a threat to democracy.  They fail to mention that the United States is a Republic based on representative government instead of a democracy where loud protesters and mobs rule.

The progressive view:

Extreme conservatism inflicts its damage in multiple venues:  it chips away at democracy and the Public; it poisons the human spirit; and in the world community, it contributes to human agony and damages both America’s standing in the world and America’s friendships with other nations. 

Extreme conservatives view democracy as proving the liberty to pursue one’s self-interest without commitment to the interests of others.  When they speak of “small government” and “spending,” they are really talking about their deep antagonism toward the Public, toward the use of government to protect and empower all citizens equally by providing public resources   This includes all aspects of the Public:  infrastructure, education, health, the economy, and the environment.  All the public resources that allow for maximizing a decent life and prosperity for all our citizens are threatened by extreme conservatism.

The word Public is capitalized throughout the book.  Obviously progressives worship at a different altar, the one they want to control.

There is no discussion of why conservatives want “limited government”. Conservatives are only vilified as selfish, self centered individuals who don’t care about anyone but themselves.

This is how Obama won the election!  

Conservatives and the GOP did not clearly make the case that Ronald Reagan elegantly stated:  “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

Romney did not make a case for capitalism where competition produces much better results than government control.  As long as Republicans continue to support moderates and purge conservatives they will LOSE.  Progressives will continue to paint conservatives as anti-people.  They are already developing new talking points which they plan to repeat over and over and over until the people “understand”.  Picture “the rich need to pay a little more” expanded to other issues.

Meanwhile, the number of people on food stamps and disability have significantly risen.  Unemployment remains high after almost 4 years of progressive rule.  Health care costs and the number of people insured are spiraling out of control.

How’s “Hope and Change” working?  A better question is why the GOP can’t verbalize the solution.

“To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”              ~ Thomas Paine ~ 

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