What is Mayor Stockton afraid of?

by Diane Benjamin

City Council elections are in April.  Alderman Bernie Anderson was up for re-election, but he dropped out of the race due to health problems.  I wish him a speedy recovery!

The only candidate challenging Anderson is Kevin Lower.  Since petitions can no longer be filed, Mr. Lower will be the only name printed on the ballot.

Within days, another candidate announced he will run as a write-in candidate. Mayor Stockton seems bent on promoting the new guy. Stockton announced he is taking applications for an appointment to fill the seat until the election. Less than 3 months, but the seat must be filled?  Why?

Think back to the last time Mayor Stockton got to make an appointment.  He encouraged the council to appoint Mboka Mwilambwe.  The council rejected him. Mayor Stockton offered another name, it was also rejected.  After 2 rejections, Mayor Stockton was able to appoint Mboka Mwilambwe without council approval.  He will also be on the ballot in April.

It’s very convenient that another name popped up within days of the Anderson announcement.  Since write-in candidates have virtually no chance of winning an election, is Mayor Stockton trying to give the guy name recognition by appointing him to the council?  Is the council going to play along with Stockton’s game?

Is Mayor Stockton afraid of Kevin Lower?  Stockton is not running for reelection, so why would he not appoint Lower?  Is the council afraid of Kevin Lower?

Ask them:

[email protected]  Steve Stockton**
[email protected]  David Sage
[email protected]  Mboka Mwilambwe*
[email protected]  Judy Stearns
[email protected]  Jennifer McDade*
[email protected]  Karen Schmidt*
[email protected]  Steve Purcell**
[email protected]  Rob Fazzini
[email protected]  Jim Fruin*
*running for election/reelection
**not running for reelection

3 thoughts on “What is Mayor Stockton afraid of?

  1. First of all, it is the Mayor’s appointment to make, not the city councils. The councils role is only to confirm, and should not do so only if the candidate is legally unacceptable for some reason. Secondly, since Mayor Stockton has not made an appointment – why is he being criticized in advance, based on nothing but speculation about what he MIGHT do ? Thirdly, the Mayor is doing the right thing by making the appointment process open to all eligible citizens in that ward. Dont forget, 3 members of the city council may not even be on the next council after the election. Purcell is off for sure, and with any luck, McDade will be voted off. Anderson’s seat is open, and Mr. Lower will mostly likey win even against a long shot write in anyway. BLN news , instead of criticizing the Mayor, should instead look into who exactly is pushing Mr. Mathy into this race and why. I think they will find is all leads back to John Hanson and his ‘friends’.

    1. The mayor was a little too fast at replacing a member when the election is so close. It’s a waste of time and energy, unless the obvious guy is appointed. Putting anybody else on the council is lunacy. For too long politicians have done whatever they want and are criticized later when their actions can no longer be rectified. Preemptive strike launched.

      I’d appreciate proof of Hanson’s involvement. I have no leads.

    2. Based on nothing but speculation is in fact coming true. Pay attention. In certain situations, based on a hunch or gut feeling, has gone as far as to save lives.

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