Fly on the Wall – Bill Brady

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I know all – I see all
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Nice guys finish LAST as Bill Brady showed in his last run for governor.

Bill Brady has served in Springfield for almost 19 years!  How long does it take to fix the problems Bill?

Some Bill’s record:

Earned $84,416.76 in 2012 for a part-time job.

Voted for giving Driver’s Licenses to illegal immigrants.

Voted for the Illinois Dream Act so illegals could get scholarships for college.

Bill voted YES by accident to allow early release of prisoners.

Can anybody say something good Bill accomplished in 19 years?

Illinois does not need another perpetual politicians as governor.  The problems haven’t been solved and won’t be with a guy running the state who has been part of the problem.

One thought on “Fly on the Wall – Bill Brady

  1. Thing is, Bill Brady is not even that nice, unless you are a donor or one of his country club buddies that he thinks may donate. 19 years is a long time to be a place holder state senator. I wish someone that gave a damn about regular people would run against him.

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